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Archbishop Enrico Maxwell
1 January
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Bastard. Demon. Fanatic. Leader.

Character name: Archbishop Enrico Maxwell

Fandom: Hellsing

Occupation: Bureau Director of the Vatican's Special Section XIII Iscariot, Leader of the 9th Crusade

About: Enrico Maxwell is leader of the Iscariot Organization, with proven skills that he is a powerful head. He commands with a great air of sophistication and tact. His knowledge of theology and spiritual arts are as vast as the Vatican’s endless secret achieves. While highly intelligent in literary knowledge, this is not to say he lacks any physical knowledge. As leader he is expected to know how to defend himself, despite his vast array of body-guards. Adept in spiritual arts, known as Divine Science, he has the basic capabilities of any Iscariot, ranging from exorcism to handling a loaded weapon when confronted by any freakish abomination.

Maxwell has a superiority complex that knows no bounds. From his birth the man was an outcast amongst his family and peers as he was born of a mistress. Known as a ‘Demon Child’ he was sent to live at an orphanage. Abandoned by his parents, he took it upon himself to abandon the world that he saw had unjustly abandoned him. Justice, fame, and glory, were his goals from then on, longing to show the world that he was no one to be reckoned with or ever looked down upon again. He grew up in the Vatican-run orphanage a devout young man, pledging himself to service of the Lord, and soon to be the Lord’s physical weapon.
13ch pope Agency Special Duty Division
Iscariot Enrico Maxwell

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Bishop. Crusader. Monster. Crucifixed.

Gaining favor of the superiors in the Vatican hierarchy, Maxwell established Section XIII: Followers of the doctrine of Judas Iscariot. Men and women who would cast their lives away for the sake of the Lord’s house; the Vatican, and the Pope. They followed in Judas’s path, becoming the physical manifestations of unnamed martyrs that would carry out God’s plan. Maxwell led these brave weapons of God with an iron fist, and tight silver-pinching digits. With Iscariot in his reigns he could physically become judge and jury, with his men as the executioners. With his hatred for all things blasphemous, longing to purge the world of vice and sin, he saw corruption everywhere except for within himself.

Yet absolute power proved to corrupt absolutely when he was quickly blessed to become Bishop, and then Arch Bishop by the pope, and ordered to take reigns of the ancient Crusaders to fight the war in London against the wave of Nazi abominations. In his eyes there was not a soul that was not sinning in that accursed city, and so he ordered a genocide upon every living and un-living thing within the island’s walls. So easily drunk with power, seeing his goal of glory fulfilled, Maxwell was unaware of his subordinates that in a twist of irony, were about to betray him.

So blind from his hatred and loathing, he would never see the proverbial dagger shoved into his back by the one man that had longed to prove that Maxwell was not alone.

He however died that way, just as he had lived. With none to save him, not even his God.

I hear Jerusalem bells a ringing
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror, my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can't explain
Once you go there was never
Never an honest word
And that was when I ruled the world

Worthy is the Lamb
Who was Slain to Receive
Power and Riches and Wisdom
and Strength and Honor and
Glory and Blessing

We are Messengers of God: Sent by Him to eradicate those who would Blaspheme and Desecrate His name.

The Vatican authorizes us to remove Heretics and Freaks by whatever means necessary; We oppose those who would prevent our making a more perfect order. The Sanctity of the Catholic Church & Our Lord Jesus Christ grants us the Divine Right to Exorcise our demon adversaries and Judge those contemptible fools who obey not the gospel of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. We shall Deliver Them to the Gates of Eternal Fire, and scatter the Ashes of anyone who loves not the Lord Jesus Christ. Let those who kindle His wrath feel the fury of Iscariot's hand.


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